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Community Action For Human Services, Inc., is a voluntary, non-profit, non-sectarian and tax exempt organization, serving a mentally/physically challenged population ranging from children, young adults to senior citizens in a comprehensive continuum of human services.

For over three decades, CAHS, Inc, has provided residential services consisting of counseling, case management, day treatment/training and vocational services, nutritional, medical/dental, pharmaceutical, occupational/physical therapy, psychological, psychiatry, recreation/social activities, social services, speech pathology/audiology and transportation. Our Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA’s) CR/SRO’s and Choices Day Habilitation Programs are symbolic of CAHS’ commitment to excellence.

CAHS, Inc. is uniquely qualified to develop, own and operate these programs because we are capable of complying with the provisions, regulations and rules by New York State OPWDD, NYS Office of People With Developmental Disabilities, NYC Department of Mental Health, NYC Department of Homeless Services, U.S. Department of HUD, NYC Housing Preservation and Development. We are an experienced and highly professional agency with an excellent track record of owning and operation of an ICF/DD for thirty three years and for over 15 years CR/SRO’s have maintained certification year after year for a special needs/disabled populations. The agency’s Board of Directors, Parent Association and Neighborhood Advisory Boards consist of attorneys, business men and women, parents and laymen who have many years of experience working with non-profit governmental funded agencies. Our Boards are active and meet regularly to review the business of the agency’s operations fiscally as well as pragmatically.

Our 23 bed, ICF/DD, 40 and 45 bed CR/SRO’s have been audited annually and we have maintained recertification on-going in all aspects of program, building and fiscal operations. Also, our annual financial cost reports are accurately submitted in a timely fashion along with our independent certified audit statements to both New York State OPWDD and New York State OMH. CAHS will call upon the combined knowledge and experiences of a team of Board Members, it’s Chief Executive Officer, Human Resources, Residential Directors, Social Workers, Psychologist, Managers, Medical Staff Supervisors, Financial Manager and Counseling Staff to assist in in-service training, ongoing consultation services in the professional various disciplines to ensure the success of these programs. Our service delivery team members are experienced professional who have worked in ICF’s and other community based programs including adult day services on an average of eight to ten years.

We worked closely with U.S. Department of HUD, New York State developing and orchestrating the new construction of a 40 unit CR/SRO (service enriched) in the Bronx for individuals with mental illness who meet the New York/New York eligibility criteria. This residential program opened its doors on April 1, 1997 to serve 40 men and women. This has been a joint effort between, New York State OMH, United State Department of HUD, New York City HPD and CAHS, Inc. For this project we applied for and received supplemental funds for enriched services from U.S. Department of HUD-Mckinney Supportive Housing Grant in the amount of $1,706,249.00.

Community Action For Human Services, Inc. Crotona Park West- Paige Apartments has been successful in achieving OMH length of stay and occupancy goals. In addition, we have worked successfully to ensure individuals who leave are doing so to transition on to: 1) needed clinical/medical services, 2) independent housing and or 3) remain with family.

Also, we opened a second CR/SRO for 45 homeless persons in November 1998, at 1316 Boston Post Road, Bronx, NY. JHB housing was approved for $387,622.00 in homeless assistance and Shelter-Plus Care rental assistance support. A vocational training service is attached to the residential programs which will consist of food-services, building maintenance, horticultural therapy, a thrift shop and clerical practices.

This was the first project CAHS, Inc. had the privilege of developing in C. B. #3 and we did so with their full support. To date, we have several distinct services we provide to the residence of C. B. #3, they are:

Project Size Funding Source(s) Start-Up Date
Crotona Park West-Paige Apartments 40 Department of Homeless Services
NYS Office of Mental Health
JHB Services 45 Department of Homeless Services Jan 1999
Crotona Park East IRA’s 6 NYS OPWDD July 1998

CAHS, Inc. has become an integral member of C. B. #3. We are active in the community activities such as: Friends of Crotona Park in collaboration with the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation/Co-Sponser of Crotona Park family Day held each May and the Annual Health fair held each June.

Over the course of 1998 and in response to various RPS announcements, we were approved by NYS OPWDD to develop and operate the following services which are in operation:

  • Five (5) person IRA – located on Wickham Avenue
  • Crotona Park East and Rochambeau Avenue IRA’s – ten (10) persons
  • CAHS – “CHOICES “ Day Habilitation for thirty two (32) individuals with developmental disabilities ages 21 and older

We have demonstrated that ability to develop residential services both from the ground up as well as up to receiving existing residential services. The experience and expertise that CAHS has acquired throughout the years will continue to shape our future growth and development and guide us through the planning process to realize these new goals. In the coming years, we look forward to setting even higher standards in program development, especially in the areas of residential, day service/training, work internships, job development/placement and vocational counseling.

To date, however, our proudest accomplishments have been made by the consumers we serve. They are living proof that if given the opportunity to excel, individuals challenged by mental and/or developmental disabilities, as we continue to respond to the needs of individuals who are mentally/physically challenged.

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  • Residential Options
  • Case Management
  • Group Day Coordinated Day Treatment Training and Vocational Programs

Contact Us

Lodovick Avenue, Intermediate Care Facility (ICF) – Main Office

Address: 2225 Lodovick Avenue
Phone: (718) 655 - 7700
FAX: (718) 798 – 4504