Group Day Habilitation Services

Group Day Habilitation or Group Day Habilitation as it is referred to in the field, represents one of the day service options for persons enrolled in the NYS-OPWDD – Home and Community Based Waiver.

Day Habilitation Services provides adults with development disabilities the opportunity to increase their individuality, independence and productivity while increasing their inclusion in their community. Transportation to and from the day service will be available to those individuals who do not travel independently.

Community Action for Human Services, Inc was awarded a contract from NYS-OPWDD to establish a twenty (20) person group day habilitation service and opened its door July 1999 at 4377 Bronx Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Bronx NY. On April 19, 2001, NYS/OPWDD awarded CAHS, Inc. eight (8) opportunities to expand its Group Day Habilitation program at the same location.