JHB II HDFC - Department of Homeless Services (DHS) – Community Residence/Single Room Occupancy (CR/SRO)

JHB II HDFC, is a forty-five (45) unit in a well-appointed, landscaped apartment complex including 24 hour front-desk security, congregate dining, patio, basketball court, laundry room, ADL kitchen, and lounges on each floor.

The agency opened a second CR/SRO which is called JHB II HDFC, for 45 homeless persons in November 1998, at 1316 Boston Post Road, Bronx, NY. This project was approved for a budget amounted in homeless assistance and Shelter-Plus Care rental assistance support. A vocational training service is attached to the residential programs which will consist of food-services, building maintenance, horticultural therapy, a thrift shop and clerical practices.

JHB II HDFC - Boston Road Apartments
Crotona, South Bronx - 45 Residents