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Our services

Community Action For Human Services, Inc., is a voluntary, non-profit, non-sectarian and tax-exempt organization, serving a mentally/physically challenged population ranging from children, young adults to senior citizens in a comprehensive continuum of human services.

Case Management Services

Community Action for Human Services, Inc. currently provides case management services under the Home and Community Based Waiver (HCBW) Program. The number of case management opportunities increased with the establishment of our day habilitation services and the opening of additional IRA’s in 1999-2002

Group Day Habilitation Services

Group Day Habilitation or Group Day Habilitation as it is referred to in the field, represents one of the day service options for persons enrolled in the NYS-OPWDD – Home and Community Based Waiver.

Day Habilitation Services provides adults with development disabilities the opportunity to increase their individuality, independence and productivity while increasing their inclusion in their community. Transportation to and from the day service will be available to those individuals who do not travel independently.

Community Action for Human Services, Inc was awarded a contract from NYS-OPWDD to establish a twenty (20) person group day habilitation service and opened its door July 1999 at 4377 Bronx Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Bronx NY. On April 19, 2001, NYS/OPWDD awarded CAHS, Inc. eight (8) opportunities to expand its Group Day Habilitation program at the same location.

Intermediate Care Facility (ICF)

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) are supervised community-based residences for individuals who are disabled with developmental disabilities. ICF’s were developed during the closing of Willowbrook in the early 1970’s. Officials at the New York State Office of People with Developmental Disabilities and consumer advocates believed that small community-based group homes were cost-effective and a humane alternative to institutionalization. Community Action for Human Services, Inc. currently operates one ICF in Bronx County for adults with developmental disabilities, ages eighteen (18) and older.

Lodovick Avenue Residence

Pelham Gardens, Northeast Bronx – 23 Residents


Nested on a tree-lined street of one family homes with manicured lawns is our Lodovick Avenue Residence, a former nursing home. The announcement to convert the facility into an ICF in the fall of 1980 was rejected by the community. Residents were unfamiliar with the plight of developmentally disabled adults, many of whom lived in the state institutions. Neighbors learned, however that our goal was to work with adults with mental retardation/developmental disabilities and their families in conjunction with the community. Today, many adults who live at the Lodovick Avenue Residence have successfully integrated into the community. They attend neighborhood garage sales, worship at the Church of Holy Rosary and contribute to the economy by patronizing local stores.

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Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRA’s)

Individualized Residential Alternative, (IRA’s) are one residential option under the NYS OPWDD/Home and Community Based Waiver Services (HCBW), which emphasize a “person-centered” consumer driven approach to service development and delivery.  Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs) Certified homes provide room, board and individualized service options.

Community Action for Human Services, Inc. currently operates four (4) scattered IRA apartment units. In addition, we operate a five (5) bed IRA; a single-family house located in the Bronx, CB #11. This project opened its doors in April 1999.

Community Residence/Single Room Occupancy (CR/SRO)

Community based residential opportunities for homeless individuals with mental illness and histories of chemical abuse. Community Action for Human Services, Inc. provides permanent housing, enriched clinical and support services to forty (40) individuals at Crotona Park West-Paige apartments. JHB Housing, an additional forty-five (45) units opened in a well-appointed, landscaped apartment complex including 24-hour front-desk security, congregate dining, patio, basketball court, laundry room, ADL kitchen, and lounges on each floor.

Crotona Park West – Paige Apartments
Crotona, South Bronx – 40 Residents.

JHB Housing – Boston Road Apartments
Crotona, South Bronx – 45 Residents.